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Voorbij de seculiere mythe
Hoe seculier is Nederland echt? 3,6 miljoen Nederlanders kijken naar The Passion en veel van onze parlementariërs leggen de eed af met 'Zo waarlijk helpe mij God almachtig'. Het diepgewortelde idee...
€ 19,95
This book offers a view of shifts in labour relations in various parts of the world over a breathtaking span, from 1500 to 2000, with a particular emphasis on colonial institutions.
€ 119,00
This book explores the political thought of Bertrand de Jouvenel and Alfred Fabre-Luce, two French intellectuals, journalists and political writers who, from 1930 to the mid-1950s, moved between...
€ 99,00
Mapping Interactions between Regimes and Protesters
This book brings together a roster of prominent contributors to present a strategic interactionist perspective on the study of contentious politics in the Middle East in response to the Arab uprisings...
€ 89,00
The Amsterdam Hollandsche Schouwburg and the Holocaust
This book is the first international publication to address all the historical aspects of the Hollandsche Schouwburg, putting it in a broader European and historical context.
€ 24,99
Een reis door rechts Amerika
Woede en rouw van rechts Amerika ontrafeld. Een New York Times bestseller.
€ 23,99
Een politieke biografie
Actuele biografie van de ongekroonde leider van Europa. Over haar discipline, politiek instinct, morele kompas, haar voorbeelden en drijfveren.
€ 19,99
How Economic Worldviews Shape Social Policy Choices in Times of Crisis
This book analyses labour market changes in eighteen countries and shows that the most important factor in explaining whether cuts are made is the economic world view of a particular government rather...
€ 89,00
This volume focuses on a number of research questions, drawn from social movement scholarship: How does nonviolent mobilisation emerge and persist in deeply divided societies?
€ 89,00
Achter de schermen van belangengroepen
Een blik achter de schermen van politieke beïnvloeding in Nederland en de EU.
€ 19,99
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