Aziatische Studies
Malaysian Politics and People
€ 105,00
Rajput Identity during the Early Colonial Encounter
€ 95,00
Indians, Australians and the Indonesian Revolution, 1939 to 1950
This book rediscovers an intense internationalism-and charts its loss-in the Indonesian Revolution.
€ 105,00
This book examines the active role of urban citizens in constructing alternative urban spaces as tangible resistance towards capitalist production of urban spaces that continue to encroach various...
€ 105,00
Diplomacy, Trade and Violence in Early Modern Asia
€ 95,00
This book, full of quantitative evidence and limited-circulation archives, details manufacturing and the beginnings of industrialisation in China from 1644 to 1911.
€ 129,00
Urbanized Interface
This book offers a multifaceted investigation of the dynamic interrelations between visual arts and representation interdependent to urban spaces in China.
€ 95,00
De Geschiedenis van het Chinese Keizerrijk
De geschiedenis van het Chinese Keizerrijk tot 1911, overzichtelijk en helder in een boek met landkaarten en verrassende illustraties.
€ 64,99
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